Funtastic Fitness is the ultimate in children’s fun and fitness programs! After decades of development we have evolved into the very best interactive fitness and entertainment experience in the industry.

Funtastic Fitness provides creative movement, sports development, on site field trips and PE programs to clients up and down the east coast.

Funtastic Fitness Fun & Movement for Preschoolers, 2- 5 yr olds

We will show your preschoolers how fun it is to exercise and take care of their bodies. Each week our dynamic instructors will lead them through an energized, kid friendly workout. The class is complete with silly stretches, numerous gross motor skill activities, aerobic games , creative movement and a cool down, all done with lots of silly music. After the 30 to 45 minute class each child is given a stamp, sticker or prize for a job well done!

Exercise has never been so FUN ! Activities include:

  • Simple obstacle courses
  • Silly Stretches and Songs
  • Parachute Play and Games
  • Limbo
  • Bean Bag Animals
  • Balance Beams
  • Musical Instruments
  • Non competitive environment
  • Colorful Ribbon Wands
  • Hula Hoops
  • Awesome Aerobic Games
  • Prizes
  • And MUCH more
Only $3 - $5 per Child.

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Non-Stop Fun Activities for School Age Children:

Funtastic Fitness is the ultimate interactive fitness and entertainment experience for children 6-12 years old. We have a warehouse full of unique equipment, wacky games and fun prizes we bring right to you. Your kids will have a blast moving through 60 power packed minutes of games, activities and music. We have over 100 fun filled events! You can schedule us weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Funtastic Fitness on-site field trips are perfect for summer camp Fun and Games!

  • Giant Parachute
  • No loading or unloading of buses
  • Jumbo Balloon Ball
  • No Unhappy Kids
  • Rocket Socks
  • Voted #1 on-site field trip
  • Obstacle Courses
  • No Hassles for you or your staff
  • Wacky Relays
  • Great Summer Camp event
  • Power Pull
  • Fun Upbeat Instructors
  • Prizes, Music and Much More

The Fun is Built In!
Only $3 - $5 per child. Call and reserve your dates early.

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Sports Fundamental Camps for ages 3 – 12

Funtastic Fitness currently offers soccer, basketball, and multi sport camps for primary and secondary children. Your coach will bring everything from the balls, the goals, unique and colorful equipment and take home handouts. Remember we bring the FUN to you.

Our curriculum is loaded with skill building drills, awesome games, and proven class plans for 6 – 8 week camps. Weekly daily camps are also available. Your kids will have a blast learning the basic rules, strategies and skills of the game. Our #1 goal is to work on fundamentals in a non competitive upbeat environment.

  • Balls for every child
  • Lots of unique and colorful equipment
  • Creative classes stressing basic skills and fundamentals
  • No standing in long lines waiting for your turn
  • Building confidence to succeed

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PE programs for schools:

Many schools and facilities are now adding a physical education component to their curriculum. Funtastic Fitness provides partial and full scale PE programs to help you compete in a changing market.

Our PE programs are extremely versatile and adaptable to your schools specific needs. So if you are looking to add a twist of fun to your current program or an entire PE program Funtastic Fitness has the program you need. We work very hard to create a fun upbeat learning environment that helps build confidence, self esteem and required skills.

  • Lead up and gross motor skills
  • Fitness Skills and testing
  • Weekly, Quarterly or Semester oriented programs
  • Sports Units
  • Supplement or Replace your ongoing program

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